Co-ownership?? Is this some rent-to-own scheme?

No - co-ownership, very simply put, is when two or more parties combine their assets to purchase property. It can be anything from two siblings buying a condo to a group of friends buying a large triplex for renovation. Co-ownership can provide people with an affordable entry to the real estate market, along with a ton of other benefits.

If I sign up, won’t you just refer me to a real estate agent?

Our primary function is to connect individuals or groups with similar values and buying criteria. We do, however, point you to the right services that will help you to accomplish your goals. This is by no means a commitment to work with the realtor or lender that we suggest, but rather a way of showing you your options.

Do I need to share the same living space with someone else?

No, not necessarily. As mentioned above, it is possible to buy a multi-unit house and have your own separate apartment. It’s really not that different than buying an apartment in a condominium building, but on a much smaller scale and without the ridiculous monthly condo fees.

Isn’t it risky to buy real estate with other people?

There is a risk involved with co-purchasing property, just like there is a risk involved with investing your money in the stock market, driving a car, and getting married. The most important things to remember are to have a detailed legal agreement that addresses all of the “what ifs” associated with this sort of partnership, and to communicate openly with your partners. If you follow these steps, the reward of building equity in your home will outweigh the potential risks.

What if someone wants to leave the arrangement?

Again, having a detailed legal agreement is extremely important. Before buying a house, you and your co-owner(s) should sit down with a lawyer who specializes in these arrangements. During that meeting, you can discuss what will happen if someone decides to sell their interest in the house, so that you have all the bases covered if that event arises.

Do people actually do this?

Absolutely! You can see a number of successful case studies here. Co-ownership provides an affordable and sustainable alternative to the nuclear-family-detached-home model that we’re all familiar with. In fact, people will have to do this if we want to shift towards a more environmentally sustainable way of living.

How do I get started?

We thought you’d never ask! If you are looking for partners, please Sign Up for our service. If you are just exploring different options, don’t hesitate to reach out ( with any questions that you may have!